Multi-Network Cable Tester w/Remote/LAN Cable Tester


This Multi-Network cable tester is designed to quickly test matched pair cables by auto-scanning the wires for continuity (shorts/opens) and mis-wiring. It tests Ethernet coax cables using a remote terminator (included) as well as 10 Base-T UTP/STP cables. The tester allows for testing patch cables where both ends are present as well as installed cables when use of the remote unit applies. Tests both shielded and unshielded cables. Includes two-piece tester with coax remote terminator and a zippered pouch for storage.

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  • Multi-network cable tester is specified to quickly test by auto scanning the wires continuity, mis-wiring and polarization in your network cables, thin Ethernet (BNC)/10 Base-T (UTP/STP)/356A/TIA-568A/TIA-568B/Token Ring. By using the attached remote terminator, you can easily test the cables before or after the cables installed.It also allows you to test the ground of shielded twisted pairs cables.
  • Individual Packing: Blister card.


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