CAT5 to Audio Adaptor


CAT5 to 3.5mm phone plug Adaptor – 7″ length

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The growing popular use of CAT5 twisted-pair data cables in audio applications has created a need for adapters that will facilitate using that populkar cable type for connecting amplifiers, speakers etc. These adapters are wired to provide a twisted pair for each (left and right) stereo signal. Connectors have on one end an RJ-45 female jack, the CAT twisted pair standard, and standard audio connections on the other ends. The left channel is fed to pins 1 & 3 and the right channel on pairs 6 & 2 of the RJ-45 connector. This popular application is often suggested as a method of reducing electromagnetic interference to susceptible audio systems, particularly when the cable lengths will be more than a few feet in length.


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