Eclipse 400-042 12 Memory Telephone Butt-Set


The Eclipse 400-042 is a 12 Memory Telephone Butt-Set. This Butt-Set is for use by Alarm, Phone, Data, and other Telecommunication Professionals. This unit has the same quality and features of units three times as much; it is a well constructed solid piece of equipment. Rests easily on the shoulder and can be stored on belt with the easy to clip spring belt clip.Recognized as the new industry standard, the MT-8001 butt set provides superior quality at an affordable price. With its high impedance monitor for data safe operation, technicians can clip onto a line in Monitor mode without disrupting existing traffic. Prokit’s unsurpassed protection standards and durability assure the butt set will keep working even in the toughest environments. New weatherproofing provides enhanced resistance to severe weather conditions.

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  • Built-in amplified speaker provides three audio levels for hands free listening.
  • Functional tone and pulse mode applied to most telephone system..
  • Store up to twelve, 16-digit telephone numbers in speed dial.
  • Pre-dialing and last number redial operation save up to 32-digit telephone number.
  • Advanced PBX pause function easily inserted between digits of a stored number.
  • Equipped with the mute switch to turn off the speakerphone microphone for privacy.
  • Continuous polarity LED indications, easy to verify and detect the current connection status.
  • Power saving function automatically shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity, providing longer operating time.
  • Audible electronic ringer in 3 level volume controls.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design, enjoy unparalleled mobility and reliability.
  • Used as a regular telephone while positioning the “Talk/Monitor” switch in talk mode.
  • Specifications

    Loopspan limit – 2 KΩ maximum at 48 VDC (nominal 20 mA minimum loop current)

    DC resistance
    Talk Mode – 300Ω typical
    Monitor impedance – 39kΩ nominal at 1 KHz

    Rotary dial output
    Pulsing rate – 10pps+0.8pps
    Percent break – 61%±2%
    Interdigit interval – 1000 ms typical
    Leakage during Break – >50 KΩ

    DTMF output
    Tone frequency error – ±1.2% maximum
    Tone level – -8±2dBm combined (typical)
    High versus low tone Difference – 4 dB maximum

    Memory dialing
    Memory capacity – 12 memories including M1, last number redialing
    Digit capacity – 16 digits per memory
    PBX pause duration – 4 seconds
    Line Voltage Test 5 Phase AC/DC voltage indication(under24 V、24~100V”、101~150V、151~200V、more than 200V Monitor amplifier power source – 9V transistor; provides 25 hours continuous use, typical
    Automatic power shut off – After 5 min. of no audio signal
    Speaker phone levels – Low, Medium, High
    Power source – Shared line and battery power (9V) 6F22 (not included)

    Dimensions (mm/inch)- 260/10.2
    Weight(mm/inch) – 70/2.8
    Height(mm/inch) – 89/3.5
    Weight(G) – 560
    Water Resistance – Dust protection & Waterproof tested to an IEC/EN 60529 IP54 rating
    Cord Sets – Angled bed of nails and RJ11 plug

    Temperature:Operating:0 to 50°C/Storage:-40 to 66°C
    Altitude: To 10,000 feet (3,000M) max
    Relative humidity: To 10,000 feet 5 To 95%


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